RosaeNLG now available on Orange AI Marketplace!

RosaeNLG, the open-source (under MIT license) Natural Language Generation (NLG) software, is now available on Orange AI Marketplace.
You can immediately generate preconfigured Sales Reports, create simple NLG templates directly in the web interface, or host complex NLG projects developed using VSCode.

Image by Лариса Мозговая from Pixabay

What is the Orange AI Marketplace?

Managed by Orange Business Services (a global enterprise division of the Orange Group supporting businesses around the world in their digital transformation), Orange AI Marketplace offers a mutualized ecosystem for a smooth development of Artificial Intelligence services. It is the “AI App Store” where Producers can publish and share AI services that can be easily used by any enterprise user. Sample off-the-shelf AI services in 5 business domains include: emotions analysis, tickets classification, customized Q&A chatbot, mask detection — and now NLG with RosaeNLG!

Preconfigured NLG Sales Report

You can use preconfigured reports: instead of having to develop your own NLG templates, which can be tedious, just upload your Excel or JSON data to get your report, immediately.

The currently available preconfigured report is a Sales Report. Based on the sales figures of different sellers on key metrics (generated revenue, closed deals, outbound calls, client conversations etc. — there are 9 preconfigured domain metrics), it produces a daily, weekly or monthly overview of the sales on the period, compared to the previous period, and a deep-dive on sellers (performance and progression). The metrics, the sections and the layout of the report can easily be configured.

sales report example
sales report example
Sales Report example

Custom NLG Projects

For custom yet simple NLG projects, you can design, test and render the templates directly in your browser. This is very convenient for small projects, like product sheets generation, chatbot answers generation, or for test projects. The templates use the RosaeNLG syntax, and texts can be produced in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian.

For more complex NLG projects, developing in a web browser is not comfortable. You should use VSCode for development of RosaeNLG templates and Git for versioning. But you can use the Orange AI Marketplace as a production platform: deploy using the API and render using the API. The RosaeNLG API on Orange AI Marketplace supports thousands of concurrent requests per second and has excellent response times.

Business users can also use the platform to test the templates using sample data.

There is no vendor lock-in: you can at anytime export your project, edit it and render it using the open-source version of RosaeNLG.

test templates
test templates
Test templates against data
edit templates
edit templates
Edit & test simple templates directly in the browser

What is the added value compared to RosaeNLG open-source version?

RosaeNLG is and will remain open-source (MIT).

The Orange AI Marketplace version brings:

  • a web interface to ease edition and management of templates (in combination with VSCode / Git when required)
  • a fully preconfigured, ready to use template: Sales Report
  • world-class hosting by Orange

Status & Contact

RosaeNLG on Orange AI Marketplace is currently beta, and Orange AI Marketplace is beta itself. Testing and usage is opened to a restricted list of users.
For any inquiry (including pricing) or to join the marketplace as a user, contact For information about RosaeNLG, contact me at

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